Eco-Friendly Car Wash

watersavers-logoRaceWash car wash is a great way of keeping your car clean in an eco-friendly way.  At RaceWash we treat the water before releasing it into the environment and our mechanical washing systems monitor the usage and pressure of water to reduce water waste.  Our state-of-the-art Reclaim System allows RaceWash to re-use the rinse water over and over again which takes less water out of our community.

RaceWash is a member of The International Carwash Association, which helps commercial car washes maintain regulated standards.  Our standards and procedures mean washing your car at RaceWash is more eco-friendly than washing your car in your driveway at home.  Washing at home uses more water per car and the residue that’s rinsed off the car runs down the driveway and ends up in our rivers, lakes, and springs polluting the local water supply.