Exterior Car Wash

Ocala Car Wash services

Racewash Exterior Car Wash services:  Exterior Car Wash, Lava Hot Wax, Turbo Shine Foam Bath, Rain-X, Full Body Treatment, Tire Shine, Buff and Dry, Triple Foam, Wheel Brite, Underbody Flush, Floor & Seats Vacuumed, Dash & Console Dusted, Door Jambs Wiped, Cup Holder Cleaned, Windows Cleaned, Towel Dry, Vacuum & Wipe Down Dashboard

Racewash Exterior Car Wash Services

RACEWASH ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE: includes SUPER WASH car wash plus, Lava Hot Wax, Turbo Shine Foam Bath.

DELUXE WASH: includes SUPER WASH car wash plus, Rain-X, Full Body Treatment, Turbo Shine Foam Bath.

SUPER WASH: includes EXPRESS WASH car wash plus, Tire Shine, and Dry & Shine.

EXPRESS WASH: includes BASIC WASH car wash plus, Triple Foam, Wheel Brite, and Underbody Flush.

BASIC WASH car wash includes soft water rinse and power dry.

Add interior cleaning to top 3 for $12 (excludes the Basic & Express Wash)

  • Floor & Seats Vacuumed
  • Dash & Console Dusted
  • Door Jambs Wiped
  • Cup Holder Cleaned
  • Windows Cleaned
  • Towel Dry

Available Upgrades: Lava Hot Wax, Turbo Shine Foam Bath, Rain-X, Dry & Shine and Tire Shine.